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Powder Coat

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  • The Benefits of Chrome Powder Coating?


    If you're looking to add a chrome powder coat to your vehicle, chrome powder coating may be the right option for you. With all of the benefits of powder coating,chrome coating is the best way to protect your car's finish. Here's how. Here's what you need to know about Chrome Powder Coating. You'll g Read More

  • How to Apply a Chrome Powder Coat or Gold Powder Coat?


    The process of applying a powder coat begins with a dry mixture that can be sprayed on the part. The particles are given an electrostatic charge, causing them to adhere to the item. This ensures an even coating over the surface. During application, the powder coat is placed onto the part using a noz Read More

  • The Benefits of Rose Gold Powder Coat


    The benefits of powder coating are numerous. It offers improved durability, reduced flaking, and minimizes corrosion risk. Customers are also happier with a high-quality finish, which makes a great impression and enhances a company's reputation. This process is also eco-friendly, making it a smart c Read More

  • Tips For Applying Clear Powder Coat and Mirror Chrome Spray Paint


    The process of powder coating is a dry, finish for a variety of metals and other materials. The material is composed of finely ground resin particles, pigment for color, and other additives to serve specific purposes. A spray gun is used to apply the powder coating. The tip of the gun is equipped wi Read More

  • The Benefits of a Rose Gold Powder Coat


    The advantages of using powder coat are numerous. The coating process is faster, easier, and safer than liquid paint. This method is also more economical and can be applied to larger items. Among the benefits of powder coating are: the use of less material, reduced operating costs, and lower environ Read More

  • How to Powder Coat Chrome?


    The process of applying powder coat can vary widely depending on the desired color. A powder coating process is more costly than a paint job because it requires a powder-coat oven and a special booth. It is also more difficult to match colors and textures accurately. This can limit the size of an ob Read More