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These are related to the nano paint news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in nano paint and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand nano paint market.
  • The Chemistry of a Powder Coat


    The chemistry of Powder Coating is the same as that of a conventional paint, except that it's applied using a spray gun. The powder is composed of particles of different sizes, shapes, and densities. The powder specific gravities of different samples are similar when no filler is used. However, when Read More

  • The Benefits of RAL Powder Coating


    A Powder Coat is a more durable finish than liquid paints. It is applied to sheet metal and then cured at a high temperature of 400 degrees. The heat transforms the polymer into a denser, heavier form that bonds with the surface of the object. This process produces a durable, uniform finish. The ben Read More

  • Why Is UHP Powder Paint Good For Industrial and Commercial Purposes?


    If you are thinking of renovating your industrial or commercial building, you might consider the process of powder coatings. There are numerous benefits of this innovative painting process. It is highly flexible for any type of surface. For example, it is used in protecting steel structures. This ty Read More

  • What Are The Advantages Of Using RAL Paint Mixing Canisters Instead Of Paint Sprays?


    If you are looking to install a new laminating machine or do a little refurbishing of your current one then maybe looking at RAL paint systems would be a good way to start. These systems come with everything that is needed to perform the required tasks for your job. The system consists of all the eq Read More