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Established in September 2006, our company is a subsidiary of Guangdong Charming Inc.
We began our powder coating business in 1989 and are one of the foremost powder coating suppliers in China.  


  • Can You Paint Over Powder Coat?

    There are many uses for powder paint. Unlike liquid, aerosol-type paints, this coating is easy to apply and requires little cleanup. It can be used on wheels, roll cages, and motorcycle frames. It is thick and difficult to remove. This type of paint is commonly used for small steel parts like the fr

  • What Is Powder Paint?

    Powder paint is a durable, high-density finish that is difficult to remove or modify. This finish is best suited for smaller steel components, such as wheels and roll cages. Because it is hard to remove, powder paint is used on a small area only. The process also requires even application and carefu

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Powder Paint

    Powder paint is a versatile type of finish for metal surfaces. Its versatility is due to its easy mixing and application. Many people prefer this method over liquid paint, as it is easy to mix on-site. But there are some drawbacks to using it. First, you might have trouble matching different colors.



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