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  • Chrome Powder Coat


    When you are ready to give your chrome piece a new look, you can purchase a Chrome Powder Coat. This type of coating can be applied to a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, copper, and iron. This process is relatively simple, but there are several important steps that you sh Read More

  • Applying a Chrome Powder Coat


    In order to achieve the perfect chrome finish, you must first choose the type of Chrome Powder Coat you want to apply.This type of powder is highly reflective, which means you can read printed text in the reflection. It is recommended for motorcycle parts, under-hood components, and exterior trim pi Read More

  • The Benefits of Chrome Powder Coating?


    If you're looking to add a chrome powder coat to your vehicle, chrome powder coating may be the right option for you. With all of the benefits of powder coating,chrome coating is the best way to protect your car's finish. Here's how. Here's what you need to know about Chrome Powder Coating. You'll g Read More

  • Advantages of a Powder Coat Over a Liquid Paint


    Unlike liquid paint, which can be mixed on-site, Powder Coat requires special production runs and specialized equipment. Unlike liquid paint, powder coat colors aren't available in a wide range of shades - mixing two different colors would result in a speckled pattern. Also, some people reuse the ex Read More

  • How to Apply a Chrome Powder Coat?


    Whether you are looking for a shiny new chrome finish on your car, or you simply want to add a little flare to your interior, you've come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the process of selecting the perfect chrome powder coat for your vehicle. Once you've decided to go the Powde Read More

  • How to Apply a Gold Powder Coat?


    Powder coats are great for protecting metal from rust and corrosion. They also have superior durability due to the chemical bonds between the layers of the coating. This makes Powder Coats ideal for machinery, vehicles and everyday objects. This type of finish can withstand harsh weather conditions Read More

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