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Factory Wholesale Metallic Gold Paint Colors Product For Metallic


Factory Wholesale  Metallic Gold Paint Colors Product For Metallic

Metallic gold paint can be applied with brushes, rollers, or spraying.  However, it is best applied with a high-quality brush.  It gives a satin finish with shining metallic particles.  The paint will dry within eight to sixteen hours, depending on the type of application.  To achieve the best results, use a good quality brush with a high-bristle count.  Also, stir the paint to ensure that it is mixed properly.  If you use a roller, you should roll against the grain so that air bubbles do not develop on the surface.

There are two types of gold leaf paint: transfer leaf and patent leaf.  The first type is easier to apply than the latter.  A transfer leaf usually comes with a tissue paper backing.  Loose leaf, on the other hand, is smaller and requires a special gilder's tip for application.  There are several high-quality brands available on the market.

Gold paint can add a touch of luxury to even inexpensive prefabricated pieces of furniture.  A simple cupboard can be transformed with gold paint if you use a smart texturing technique.  Start by making a small imprint with the paintbrush and layering until you get the effect you want.  You can also add the gold paint to a variety of surfaces and decorative objects to give a more expensive look.

Metallic Gold Paint

Metallic Gold Paint

Gold Paint

gold leaf paint