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What is Powder Coating?

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Powder coating is a form of paint application in which a dry, powdery exterior surface is created by coating an exterior metal or wood component with a fine-grained powder that either leaves a mirror-like finish or is non-reflective. More professionals are turning to powder coating as an economical method of protecting their investment and creating an attractive finish on their products. It's important to realize that powder coating is different from spray painting, and does not change the physical makeup of the part. Instead, it creates a gloss or matte finish, which can often times be adjusted to match the final look desired for the part.

Historically, powder coating was developed for use on metals where anodizing or electroplating would leave a dull, raised surface. More recent innovations in powder coating technologies such as UV cured powder coatings enable other materials like plastics, synthetics, carbon fiber, and MDF (methylene-fiber decking material) to also be powder coated because of the low heat and oven dwell times needed to process these materials. With anodized metals, powder coating adds a third layer of protection by forming a thin electroplated layer directly on the metal, sometimes with a thickness as thin as just a few tens of micrometers. This extra layer of protection can prevent against corrosion, scratches, and similar damage that can occur over time. This can also help raise the resale value of the product or protect it from the weather.

Two different types of powder coating are wet powder coating and dry powder coating. Wet application of the powder is accomplished with a compressor and a paint container. Dry powder coating is accomplished by applying the powder with a brush, roller, or dusting tool without a compressor. Both methods achieve essentially the same end result: a highly reflective surface with very little abrasion, gloss, or matte.

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