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  • Factors to Consider When Selecting a UV Resistant Clear Coat


    A UV coating is a surface treatment that protects a surface from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is a naturally occurring ray of the sun. The UV coating on your car's body protects your car's paint from the sun's harmful rays. But the question is, how does a UV coating wor Read More
  • Advantages of Black Chrome Powder Coating


    A Black Chrome Powder Coat can look stunning on any vehicle. While there are many reasons to consider this finish, here are the most important:A black chrome powder coat has a glossier finish than a standard chrome finish. Because it is lighter in color, it appears brighter than solid black powder c Read More
  • How to Make Metallic Gold Leaf Paint?


    There are several ways to lighten gold paint. White or yellow paint can be used as lighteners. The base color of Gold Paint is yellow, so adding a bit of white will not change the shade significantly. You can, however, make your gold paint look more vivid by adding a touch of yellow to the gold pain Read More
  • Powder Coating Services Near Me


    If you are looking for Powder Coaters Near Me, you have come to the right place. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect finish for your wood, metal, or composite item, you should take a look at these nearby options. You'll find that powder coating is an excellent choice for a wide range o Read More
  • What is Wood Powder Coating?


    In a nutshell, Wood Powder Coating is an environmentally friendly and durable finish that offers both a painted look and strength. This coating process is unique from many manufacturing processes because it uses a single powder formulation that can be applied to virtually any shape. The powder adher Read More
  • Chrome Powder Coat


    When you are ready to give your chrome piece a new look, you can purchase a Chrome Powder Coat. This type of coating can be applied to a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, copper, and iron. This process is relatively simple, but there are several important steps that you sh Read More
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