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Difference Between Dry and Wet Powder Paint Colors

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Powder coatings are a type of paint application in which different layers of powder or paint is applied to a particular metal surface. The layered paint or powder coating is then cured using heat, and that cured layer is what gives the metal its special finish. It is done on many different types of metals including aluminum, steel, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, and so forth. The end result is a metal object with a particular reflective or non-reflective surface.

The main advantage of a dry powder coating is that it leaves the surface with an outstanding mirror like appearance, gloss and matte finish. In addition, they are fast to dry and hard wearing, which makes them highly suitable for working applications. On the other hand, they have certain disadvantages as well. One major disadvantage is that there is a risk that the surface will have excessive porosity, especially with aluminum powder coating. Another disadvantage is that they can only be used for thicker metals because they cannot be used for thinner metals such as those with bare metal or carbon steel.

In order to overcome the above mentioned disadvantages of powder coating colors, various technological developments have been made. These include but are not limited to oven gun powder coatings, gas oven gun powder coatings, and wet-layering techniques. Oven gun powder coatings and gas oven gun powder coatings both give you the same finish, but in slightly different ways, and it is these very differences that allow you to make a better choice depending on your particular needs.

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