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Eco-Friendly Products

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Powder coatings are the process of coating metal with powder paint after they have been welded. Instead of applying the paint, a powder coating is used, which contains pigments to create a metallic finish. There are several different kinds of this coating. The most common type is called an electroplating, because it often involves applying the paint through an electric arc welding machine. Other methods include dipping, rolling, and spray coating.

Electroplating is one of the most common forms of powder painting used today. It involves dipping galvanized steel or copper components or other metal parts into an electrostatic charge, which causes them to be charged. When the component is completely immersed in the electrostatic charge, the components are covered with a powder coating, usually with a partially conductive layer. Electroplated items will be smooth, and shiny, but they can also be textured, grooved, or pitted.

Powder coatings are especially attractive to manufacturers of toys and craft items, since they can protect painted surfaces from harm, and they can be used to create a glittering, colorful finish. They are also used to protect the finish of dentists' instruments, auto-body shops' finish from oil, wax, or grease, and even jewelry that may contain veneers, rubber, or similar materials. Since they create a bumpy, sandy surface, they are used to finish floors, patios, fences, and pool decks, and they are becoming more common for use in industrial applications.

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