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How To Apply The Perfect Colors For Your Next Project

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Powder coating is a sort of paint coating which is applied in much the same way as conventional liquid paint but with a built-in drying time between coats. Unlike traditional liquid paint that gets delivered over an evaporating solvent via a thick plug, powder coating requires an electrolyte solution to be applied - in this case an acetone. The process doesn't actually get rid of the solvent like a typical paint would, only "apply" the paint. However, it does make sure that the paint is cured to a very high gloss. Most modern hardwoods are already resistant to this type of treatment, and almost any surface will do for this type of application, although it can be used on glass and other relatively smooth surfaces.

When powder coating is being used, one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not the surface being treated will be receptive to the finishing process. Although powder coatings have a tendency to work better on thicker and bulkier items such as furniture or vehicles, they can be applied to thinner items like cans and bottles, and although they may not last as long, they can still be an effective finishing process after the fact. One key factor in determining whether or not the surface will accept the powder coating is its physical makeup. While the typical thermoplastic materials tend to be more susceptible to powder coatings than the other materials used for this process (namely, thermoset powder material and polyurethane), many other materials can also be powder coated.

Other considerations to keep in mind when applying powder coating colors are the type of oven you're using, and the ambient room temperature. Applying to an oven that's too hot or cold can lead to uneven coatings or even the failure of the application. Another important factor to consider is the type of finish that's being applied. Paint with a high gloss or paint with a matte finish will produce different results when applied to different types of surfaces, and different types of paint come with different finished appearances. While there are a number of different powders that can be used for powder coating, the most popular types are latex powder and acrylic powder.

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