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How to Powder Coat Chrome?

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The process of applying powder coat can vary widely depending on the desired color. A powder coating process is more costly than a paint job because it requires a powder-coat oven and a special booth. It is also more difficult to match colors and textures accurately. This can limit the size of an object that needs to be painted. Some objects are too small for a powder-coat process. However, some parts can be made smaller by following some guidelines.

Pretreatment is essential before applying a powder-coat finish. If you fail to do so, the coating will flake off of the surface soon after application. Make sure to talk to your paint shop about the proper procedures for pretreatment. It's easy to mix and match colors by hand, but if you use too much, the colors will be too similar and would have a speckled pattern. Moreover, you'll have to pay more for touch-ups, which is an added expense.

In order to get a good powder coat finish, the surface needs to be cleaned properly. The surface cannot have any other finish, including paint or chrome. The process of cleaning includes a six-stage cleaning process, which include an acid wash, neutralizing rinse, and alkaline cleaner. To avoid contaminating the product, it's essential to apply a protective primer before applying the coating. This step will remove all traces of previous finishes.

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