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Powder Coating

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Powder coating is a kind of flat paint coating that is usually applied as a dry powder with the support of an aluminum oxide layer. Unlike traditional liquid paint that is delivered through an evaporating solvent, powder coating is usually applied electrostatically or chemically and then cured in the oven or by ultraviolet light. Usually, powder coatings are used for internal metal structures like flashing and flanges. It can also be used on metals like steel, where an oil-based powder coating can provide a flat, non-reflective finish. The basic principle of applying powders is to deposit the paint directly to a metal surface with a large amount of friction. A powder coating can either be a thinned-out layer or a thicker, crumbly paint coating.

Another important advantage of using a powder coating system is that it offers a very durable finish to a surface because as the particles are deposited, they create a rough surface that is much less wear resistant than a flat-finished product. Also, it guarantees a high level of chemical resistance because the particles do not settle and therefore do not cause blistering and chipping problems. The powder coating system is especially useful for applications that require an excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of temperatures, including those involving electric components or electronics.

Powder coating systems can also protect the metal from corrosion, thus eliminating the need to apply a protective coating. When the powder coating product is applied to a metal surface, the oxide coating acts as a barrier against the electrical charge. The electrical charge does not enter into the structure until it is vaporized, thereby protecting the structure from any damage that may occur due to exposure to moisture. In this way, the entire surface is covered in a powder coat that becomes very hard, flat and durable. It is used to create a wide range of metal objects, including automotive, plumbing, roofing, cabinet applications, and even aircraft, such as commercial airplanes and military aircraft.


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