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Tips For Applying Clear Powder Coat and Mirror Chrome Spray Paint

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The process of powder coating is a dry, finish for a variety of metals and other materials. The material is composed of finely ground resin particles, pigment for color, and other additives to serve specific purposes. A spray gun is used to apply the powder coating. The tip of the gun is equipped with an electrode, which gives the powder a charge. The charged particles are attracted to the grounded part of the gun and stay there until the coating is melted. The curing oven fuses the coating, and the resulting coating will be smooth and durable.

When powder is applied to an item, the final coating is continuous and can vary in gloss and color, from a high gloss to a flat matt finish. The thickness of the finished product depends on the design and specification of the powder used by the supplier. In most cases, the powder coating is 0.012" to 0.013", but some specialized industrial coatings can be as thick as 0.05". To ensure the proper application of the final coating, the following tips should be followed:

The process of applying powder coating is quite simple, but requires some expertise and knowledge. The parts that will be coated must be pretreated. This step helps to ensure that surfaces are clean and free of contaminants. In a series of spray chambers, the parts undergo a chemical pretreatment. After this, they must be surface-treated with conversion coatings, such as zinc phosphate or zirconium oxide. Each stage is separated by a rinse stage, which is used to remove excess material.

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