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Uv Resistant High Gloss Clear Coat


Uv Resistance High Gloss Clear Coat

UV coating also helps to create focal points on packaging.  For example, a round-shaped package with a slight embossed UV coating and a matte background creates a sophisticated feel. This coating is particularly effective on monochrome pieces as well as bright colours. Moreover, UV coating is not only resistant to smudges, but it also enhances the design of your product.

UV Resistant Clear Coat offers a high gloss finish that is permanently protected from UV rays. It is also moisture-resistant, non-yellowing, and durable. It can be applied to wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. It dries quickly and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

One of the advantages of UV clear coat is its ability to increase durability and reduce energy use. The coating does not require baking, and the drying time is only 12 minutes. This technology is also eco-friendly, making it ideal for hybrid and electric vehicles.In addition, the UV clear coats do not exceed the temperature of the battery, which makes them compatible with the latest composite materials.

UV Resistant Clear Coat

UV Resistant Clear Coat

uv clear coat

chrome powder coat