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What You Need to Know About UV Coating

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Whether you're looking for an eye-catching finish on your next print marketing piece or a way to extend the life of your packaging, UV coating is a great option. It resists scratches, scuffs, rubbing and ink smudging, making your product look as good as it does when you first put it in the hands of customers.

UV Resistant Clear Coat

If you want your vehicle to look as pristine as possible, you'll need a top-quality clear coat. A good one will offer a glossy finish, abrasion resistance, and UV protection.

You can't go wrong with the UV Resistant Clear Coat. This spray can is formulated to protect art, crafts and valuables from the sun's damaging rays, and is non-yellowing and moisture-resistant.

This product works well on wood, metal, plastic, paper mache, glass, plaster, ceramics, and dried silk flowers. It is smudge proof, permanent and easy to apply.

This coating is self-healing when scratched or damaged and features NEI's UV-Protect technology to block UV rays and prevent damage caused by long-term exposure. The 2-part formulation also includes a unique phase-separated morphology to facilitate the delivery of the UV-protective agent to the scratch or damage site. This enables the self-healing function to begin at room temperature and accelerate with the application of heat.

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UV Resistant Matte Clear Coat

Designed to be a little more than just a coat of paint, UV Resistant Matte Clear Coat is a gloss spray that provides a permanent finish in the form of a non-yellowing polyurethane resin. Unlike some other polyurethanes, this one is water-borne (oil-modified) and has most of the usual solvents and VOCs eliminated in the process.

This glossy, permanent, non-yellowing coat is sure to wow any art enthusiast or craft aficionado with its sheer shine and impressive longevity. It dries to touch in a matter of minutes and dry to handle in two hours or less. This is a great way to protect your favorite heirlooms or display items from the elements. It has the highest rated abrasion resistance of any product in our lineup. It is available in a high-gloss or low-gloss finish to meet your preferences. The gimmick of this product is that it also happens to be the most affordable option in the category.

UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating

Glossy and non-toxic, this clear, acrylic based coating is the icing on the cake when it comes to protecting art, crafts and valuables. Not just for paper, the UV coated name is also good on wood, metal, plastic, glass, plaster, ceramic and dried silk flowers. It dries to the touch in less than 10 minutes and is dry enough to handle in two hours or so.

The company has a full line of products to help you get the job done, including sprayable and paintable finishes in both urethane and acrylic. Some of them even feature a built-in ultraviolet light curing system for quick and easy buffing. They are the perfect choice for professional or DIYers. They are made in the U.S. and are a good alternative to epoxy or polyurethanes.

uv resistant clear coat

UV Resistant Clearcoat

UV coatings protect painted surfaces from color shifts that can occur from exposure to ultraviolet light, environmental contaminants and other sources of photodegradation. The damage that can result from these exposures includes bleaching, discoloration, chalking, fading and brittleness or cracking of paint jobs.

Fortunately, these effects can be prevented with the right uv clear coat. These products contain a combination of ingredients that absorb (UV absorbers) and reflect UV radiation from reaching the surface.

The most effective absorbers have the ability to convert energy from UV radiation into heat, a process called keto-enol tautomerism. This heat is then dissipated through the surface of the coating, preventing UV radiation from penetrating and damaging paint jobs.

To be effective, these UV absorbers must be physically stabilized in the clear coat by a quencher molecule, otherwise they are prone to breaking their weak chemical bonds and losing their properties. This is why UV absorbers are often mixed with quencher ingredients to provide extra stability in a clear coat.

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