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How to Apply a Gold Powder Coat?

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Powder coats are great for protecting metal from rust and corrosion. They also have superior durability due to the chemical bonds between the layers of the coating. This makes Powder Coats ideal for machinery, vehicles and everyday objects. This type of finish can withstand harsh weather conditions and physical impact without chipping, peeling or cracking. It is also scratch and abrasion-resistant. Here are some tips to ensure the durability of your powder-coated metal.

The surfaces to be coated with powder coating must be cleaned and treated to remove debris. Debris and residues left on the surface will interfere with the adhesion of the powder coat and affect the finish. Preparation methods depend on the type of material being coated. Common preparation steps include cleaning, etching and rinsing. Common equipment used for preparation include dry-off ovens and blast rooms. They also require careful attention during the drying process.

Before applying Powder Coating, ensure that the metal is properly prepared for the coating process. During the process, the powder granules are charged electrostatically. When the coating is applied, the object is placed in a special oven set at 395 degrees. This temperature allows the powder to set and adhere to the metal frame. Once the frame has cooled, the window screen can be attached.

When compared to liquid paint, powder coats are far more efficient. In electrostatic painting, 95% of the color granules arrive where they're intended. In contrast, most of the paint granules get lost in the wind and on the ground. Another advantage of powder coating is its reduced waste. It doesn't require baking or curing like liquid paint does, so it reduces costs related to cleanup and disposal.


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