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How to Apply a Rose Gold Powder Coat

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Powder coating is a process that enables the metal to look like new again. It's applied to parts by electrostatically transferring colour powder using a power gun. Compressed air passes over an electrode, attracting the powder to the surface. Before applying powder coating, metal pieces must be cleaned, ground, or sandblasted. In recent years, new powder-coating techniques have been developed for use on various materials, including MDF, composites, and heat-sensitive plastics.

The process begins with a pretreatment of the part. This is the first step of the process. It is necessary for parts to have clean surfaces and free of contaminants, and this is accomplished by chemical pretreatment in a series of spray chambers. The parts are then cleaned and surface-treated with conversion coatings. These products can be zinc phosphate, transition metals, or zirconium oxide. Each stage is separated by a rinse step.

There are various types of mechanical pretreatments, and each one serves a specific purpose. A sandblasting or shot blasting process involves the use of high-velocity air to drive grit or steel shot into the substrate. The anchor pattern helps to improve the adhesion of the powder coating. Inorganic contaminants are also removed through this process. The advantages of this process over liquid paints are numerous. It has become a popular choice among manufacturers.

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