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Powder Coating

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  • Difference Between Dry and Wet Powder Paint Colors


    Powder coatings are a type of paint application in which different layers of powder or paint is applied to a particular metal surface. The layered paint or powder coating is then cured using heat, and that cured layer is what gives the metal its special finish. It is done on many different types of Read More

  • Powder Coating


    Powder coating is a kind of flat paint coating that is usually applied as a dry powder with the support of an aluminum oxide layer. Unlike traditional liquid paint that is delivered through an evaporating solvent, powder coating is usually applied electrostatically or chemically and then cured in th Read More

  • The Basics of Powder Coating


    Powder coating is basically a wet paint application process utilized on metal surfaces mainly to protect them from rusting. In its dry form powder coating is applied as wet powder over an electrically charged metallic surface, and then cured with high pressure and heat. It is very popular for giving Read More

  • How To Apply The Perfect Colors For Your Next Project


    Powder coating is a sort of paint coating which is applied in much the same way as conventional liquid paint but with a built-in drying time between coats. Unlike traditional liquid paint that gets delivered over an evaporating solvent via a thick plug, powder coating requires an electrolyte solutio Read More

  • The Benefits of Powder Coating and How You Can Benefit From It


    Powder coating is an innovative and revolutionary type of paint application in which a thin, powder coat is sprayed onto a bare surface. Unlike traditional liquid paint that's applied through an evaporating solvent and delivered through a fluid-filled gun, powder coating is usually applied electrost Read More

  • How Do You Create Your Own Custom Powder Coating Patterns?


    There is a new paint that is being made available in spray cans, and it's the same powder coating that is being used for many metal projects, such as airplane seats and the inside of hot tubs and refrigerators. Powder coating is not new, but the innovation of using a powder coating to paint large ar Read More

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