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How Powder Coating Works?

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Powder coating creates a tough, durable finish that is applied with a single gun or an automated line. The powder particles stick to each other via electrostatic attraction and then are baked in an oven to set. This process is both environmentally friendly and highly effective, but it also poses some disadvantages. The overall texture of the finish can be unpredictable, and uneven applications can require a redo. Here's how powder coating works. Let's take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of this process.

Powder coating has a long history in manufacturing. It has been used for many decades in a variety of industries, including car manufacturing. It was first used in the car industry by Volkswagen, and then expanded into other domestic products such as sewing machines. Today, powder coating is routinely used in the manufacturing of automobile parts and customisation. It is also used in public sculpture, signage, and product designers. It is one of the most widely available finishing processes.

The advantages of powder coating over other methods of painting metal include the ability to produce a wide range of colours and finishes. You can choose from solid brights, deep neutrals, fading colours and blending shades. This method is flexible enough to meet the needs of one-off projects as well as mass production runs. It also produces uniform finishes, as there is no solvent, so you won't have to worry about colour running and cross-contamination.

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